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Hi! My name is Michael and i am your host!

the goal of this site is to help inform people of what is going on the world of blind sports. We hope to help keep you informed of upcoming events and would appreciate any and all ideas that will help us in this endeavor. If you have any constructive ideas please click on the link below and let me know.

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the following are some links to the sports that i am interested in.

click here for downhill skiing.

click here for golf

click here for bowling.

Click here for Beep Baseball.

Click here to try a new tennis for the blind link.

This is just a start. More sports will be added !

Pick-em Football is here!

It's Football Pick-em time!
This year we have a sponsor! Yes, Dan (hawkeye) has put up the prize for the Winner. So there will be an award for the Winner! Willl you be the lucky one?
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Blind games

We have moved to audio-tips.com and now host a wingolf tournament and Yahtzee tournament each month. The golf tournament is held the second Thursday of each month and the Yahtzee the last Saturday of each month. All games start in the Scoreboard room on audio-tips. Audio-tips is a talking community program. You do need to sign up, but the application is simple and easy. if you need help please feel free to contact me and i will be glad to assist. A link for the site is on the other interests link located on the bottom of this page. Everyone is welcome to join. We will be using the wingolf 10 or 11 program from kitchensinc.net and the blind gamers yahtzee program. send on the link below if you are interested and i will send you more info.

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